wayne godwin reid



I do....what?

your questions...


how long do we have you for?

all day...and night. The wedding day doesn't finish at the first dance so why should your photographer?

i'll be there well into the night to capture all the laughter and catch those shapes being thown on the dance floor


where will you travel?

absolutely anywhere. All UK wedding destinations at same flat cost.


how many photo's do we get?

I typically deliver between 350-500 fully edited images


do you take group photo's and family portraits?

oh yeah.. i understand that it's not every day that all your family and friends are in one place


what do we get?

a very nice photographer who does everything he can to help you.... doesn't mind carrying flowers or the train of your dress....driving guests around or picking stranded children out of trees

an amazing day...

after you wake up ...via the internet, i'll have sent you a photographic teaser

two weeks later...

fully processed high resolution jpeg images on USB/DVD

also web sized images for sharing

an amazing 6 x 6 inch 30 page wedding album...perfect size for handbags or man bags


also available...


options for very sexy wedding albums designed by myself in various sizes


do you have insurance?

yep.. let me know if your venue needs my info